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Timeshare Vs Hotel?

Timeshares allow you to enjoy popular resorts at great savings, however the typical timeshare is rented or sold on the principle of weekly stays and this can be restricted to weekend to weekend for most resorts.  When renting you enjoy all the same benefits and amenities as the owner without paying the full resort rate.

Do you provide rental agreements?

Yes through our Full Service Rental Option.  We offer a full rental process with a Licensed Travel Agent including the rental agreement, reservation confirmation and payment help.  Contact us if you would like assistance with your rental transaction.

Is travel insurance necessary?

We recommend protecting your investment with travel insurance. Travel insurance covers more than just the cost of the rental purchase but other related travel costs and offer the option to cancel for any reason. Travel insurance is a separate transaction and provide by our CSA Travel Insurance partner.

How do I contact an owner?

On each listings webpage there is a contact form. Once completed and sent, the inquiry is forwarded directly to the owner by email. Owners will respond to you directly.

How is payment made to the owner?

Because you are renting directly from a private party, payment options vary from owner to owner. Some owners take PayPal (Credit Card) and some want a check or cashier check.  We do not advise sending a cash payment by Cashier’s Check and only a Credit Card or Check under specific contractual conditions. We suggest using and Escrow Company or our Travel Agent to assist with payment to an owner.

How do I use the full service option?

Contact the owners listing and let the owner know you would like to use our full service. Contact us and we will draft a rental agreement between you and the owner. We have a rental and reservation process that will ensure the safe transfer of funds and a updated reservation confirmation in your name. There is a $95.00 agent fee for this service.

How can I confirm my reservation?

You can call the resort directly to confirm a reservation or the owners’ current reservation. If you have concerns about any reservation or rental process offered, we suggest using our licensed agent or contact and escrow company.

Where can I see more photos?

Most timeshare rentals are assigned at check in so photos are typically not available of a specific unit unless otherwise provided directly by that owner. We suggest to visit the website of any resort to see photos.

Can I confirm the View?

View restrictions vary by resort.  Many resorts will list the view on the reservation and many do not. Unless the view is listed on the reservation you should assume that the “View Varies” which means the view can be whatever is assigned at check in.